Hefty Goals…Living up to my Sign

Ok, so blogging once a week may have been a little unrealistic considering my life at this moment….but hey, a girl can dream!!

Since I last posted (yes, that would be my only post thus far), I have started my graduate program! What in the hell was I thinking?!?! I mean really, when am I supposed to fit that in?! I already work upwards of 60 hours a week…and by the time I finally get home I am completely exhausted!

This goes to show that I am an utimate overaciever and often bite off way more than I can chew…but I WILL FIND A WAY TO DO IT ALL!!

Which brings me to my new found discovery…my sign. It makes complete sense…now that I have read what I am destined to be…A LEO!!

Thanks to my dear friend, I realize this life of dreaming and taking on more than I ever should is my ultimate reality…and as a LEO, I am more than happy to share those things with you, be it on my blog or in person! For those of you that arent so up to date on the zodiac signs, go do some research of your own…of course you should start with a little research on the Sun Sign of Leo! 🙂 That will give you a good jump start on who I am, for better or worse!


One thought on “Hefty Goals…Living up to my Sign

  1. The world (aka your world) would run so much more smoothly if everyone would just understand your sign. As a Leo, you simply can’t help your need to shine. The world is your stage and you have to be the star in charge, lol!

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